Whores: An Oral Biography of Perry Farrell and Jane’s Addiction by Author Brendan Mullen

Founder of Jane’s Addiction, one of the most influential bands in rock n’ roll and later the alternative summer festival known as Lollapalooza, Perry Farrell has often been lauded as the modern day Jim Morrison. With his colorful lifestyle and on stage antics he has never fallen short of the comparison. West Coast punk historian Brendan Mullen manages to capture the entire career of this larger than life icon as told by the cast of characters that knew Farrell and were privy to the early days of the band. The book got its start as an article for Spin Magazine and the sixteen page feature grew into an idea for an oral history created by industry insiders and friends including Fishbone, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Guns N’ Roses. It takes you in and out of the depths of addiction as the band battles for its eventual sobriety.

In chronological order the book covers from childhood and early influences to each incarnation of the band and its four later reunions. Particularly poignant is the story about Farrell’s junkie roommate Jane who would be the basis for naming the band and the inspiration behind the infamous hit “Jane Says.” The book manages to shed light on the mystique that has always surrounded the band and shows the evolution to superstardom in a more human light. Whores is the true story of the legacy behind Jane’s Addiction and is also a good read for anyone remotely interested in the rise and fall of a superstar within the industry.

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