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Vintegaas: Living Nightmare

You would think it would be hard to get a feel for a band in only four tracks, but Portland, Oregon metalers Vintegaas prove this theory wrong as the opening track “Hardway” finds its way into my head with its crushing breakdowns and head banging prowess. I love the dose of old school this band has managed to maintain with the “new wave of American metal” taking over current industry trends. There is nothing standard about this band that blends a more modern sound while remaining firmly embedded in their metal roots. The guitars are remarkable in the second track “P.O.S.” as it follows a punishing trail which eventually leads you to the breakneck speed and grueling vocals of “This Path.” The final track and my favorite yet from this band, is “Virulent.” This band shines through on this recording, but they had some help as the production on this is immaculate, and no wonder since it was recorded by our own infamous Chris Finster at Geomana Studios. Find Vintegaas online at www.myspace.com/vintegaas.

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