Unearth III: In the Eyes of Fire

After the successful release of The Oncoming Storm in 2004, Unearth returns with a more aggressive and intense assault. With legendary producer Terry Date (Pantera, Deftones) at the helm, Unearth strive to push their sound toward an even heavier direction than their previous releases.

“This Glorious Nightmare” opens things off with intense riffing and in your face vocals commanded by frontman, Trevor Phipps, who showcases a more straight ahead and aggressive range on the new release. “Sanctity In Brothers” is another fast paced song with a catchy riff and solid tempo changes. The album closes with the instrumental “Big Bear And The Hour Of Chaos,” a soothing piece that showcases Unearth’s uncanny ability to incorporate aspects other than metal into their music. III: In The Eyes Of Fire shows definite growth in every area.

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