The Panic Channel (ONe)

Just because Jane’s Addiction no longer exists doesn’t mean that the creative juices have stopped flowing. Out of the ashes of that once notable and revered group of talent rises a new band that holds the same power and impact but delivers it in a revamped package. The Panic Channel brings the experimental styling of former Jane’s Addiction member’s guitarist Dave Navarro, drummer Stephen Perkins and bassist Chris Chaney, thrown together with the surprising vocal brilliance of Steve Isaacs, former VJ on MTV.

This is radio friendly rock for sure, but served up hot and steamy to please the palates of even the snobby music elite. Smooth melody with modern rock, The Panic Channel has produced a tasty musical treat. Mixing the garage band roots of Navarro, Perkins and Chaney with the songwriting of Isaacs bred a tight and powerful sound that will easily grab the attention of rock hungry fans. With a sleek, clean delivery, I have no doubt The Panic Channel will achieve radio dominance. Navarro holds true to the axe magic that we would expect from him and with the support of Isaac’s vocal charm they pour forth pure musical pleasure. The only question is if the busy schedule of the band members will allow them time to continue on.

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