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The Nameless: Driven

Clean and clear isn’t supposed to be dirty, but The Nameless has done exactly that with their debut EP Driven. From first to last, each song is flawlessly recorded and timed to create a sleek machine that is The Nameless. Yet, don’t be deceived into thinking you’re not going to feel a bit of that grime in this five-song effort. Proving this point is their first tune, “Got to Lose,” pushing bass and drums at you, then heading directly into a chunky guitar riff. As vocalist Pooya Entezari slides in with lyrics describing hate, lies and blame, you know you’re going to feel somewhat soiled and love it for days following. They blend layers of guitar, vocals, bass and percussion effortlessly in “Falling.” As “Extra Mile” begins, you’re convinced it’s time for a ballad, yet you discover you’re wrong when halfway through, the bridge takes you back to some of that roughness you’ve come to dig so much from the first two pieces. Happily, we have another opportunity to hear JR Ericksen and London Tomlin to shine on this EP during “Mach V.” These three guys leave me satisfied to say The Nameless is making Portland a happier home for rock to reside. For more info go to www.myspace.com/thenamelesspdx

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