Stone Sour: Come What(ever)

Come What(ever) May is one of the most significant albums of 2006. I would begin by comparing this new effort by Stone Sour to my sophomore year in high school, an adolescent year filled with sex, drugs, sports and rock n’ roll. Freshman year wasn’t much fun, but my sophomore year was brilliant, which is my point in comparing it to this album. The offspring of Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, Stone Sour had a medium-paced hit in 2002 with “Bother” but the album lacked a complexity that would force it to permanently stand out. This is not the case with Stone Sour’s newest and most formidable sophomore effort. From start to finish this album is an evolution of production, musicianship and overall quality keeping Stone Sour out of the one-hit-wonder school of rock. Tracks such as “Cardiff”, as well as “Through Glass” and “30/30-150” take this new Stone Sour record to another level of alternative metal. Put this one up as one of the best records of the year in the genre

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