Slayer: Christ Illusion

Slayer is back! The pioneers of speed/thrash metal release Christ Illusion, their first new studio album in five years. Slayer welcomes back Dave Lombardo on drums to reunite their original lineup for the first time in fourteen years. Rick Rubin signing on as executive producer completes the original recording team. With a newly rekindled passion for the controversial, anti-religious and violent raw metal, fans line up in music stores across the country purchasing more than 64,000 units, their best week since 1994.

Getting back to their roots, Christ Illusion is a brutal collection of everything you would expect Slayer to give you, with lyrics touching on the subjects from death and terror to religion and violence. Slayer once again proves to be dedicated to satisfying their fans fascination with horror and intense speed metal, undaunted by their critics accusations of Satanism, racism and much more.

Track after track I found myself unable to tear myself away from the lyrics in front of me as I tried to read, bang my head and simulate Lombardo’s footwork on the kick drum. In my personal opinion this is the best album released by Slayer since Seasons in the Abyss.

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