Meeting TK Treasure

“With hard work and determination I know I can do this; I feel that I possess a harder work ethic than most and I know that’s what will push me ahead of the pack.”

TK Treasure is an aspiring singer and model looking to break free of modeling’s current industry standards. TK has had many experiences with local agencies who were all about making her something she’s not; “dye your hair blonde, lose weight and change your look” is what they told her. She made the decision to be herself and success has been following her since. Starting at the age of 14 her ambition and the desire to become successful have been her main goal. Working trade shows and modeling jobs have really paved the path and set new focus for TK’s future. This beautiful girl has a Creole heritage giving her an unbeatable real natural beauty, outshining most accomplished models. TK also happens to be a very talented performer; you can see her present a cabaret style performance at select clubs in the Portland area. She also keeps herself busy performing and has recently started a dance and performance team called the Vixens. To see more of TK go to www. myspace.com/tktreasure.

Shoot credits:

Story & Photography: Noah Henderson at arkphoto.com.

Hair and make up: Melissa Robertson at www.dsidestudio.com.

Special thanks to Captains Sports Bar for all the support.

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