Life on Planet Rock: From Guns N’ Roses to Nirvana, a Backstage Journey Through Rock’s Most De-bauched Decade by Author Lonn Friend

This novel gives you a front row seat to some of rock’s greatest moments. Lonn Friend has worn many hats in the music industry with his most famed being the executive editor of the infamous RIP Magazine. Friend is also noted as hosting his own show “Friend At Large” on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball while later running the successful KNAC.COM. He became a trusted friend to many of rock’s biggest stars. His writing style is amazingly believable and takes you on a trip where you can almost imagine yourself with him as he journeys through the media pit of rock journalism. With a foreward by Lars Ulrich and stories of rock star’s most intimate moments, Friend poignantly depicts the often misunderstood characters that make up super stardom.

From the height of the 80’s glam metal scene to the depths of the grunge movement, the book immediately sucks you into his world and the story gives you a sense of living in his moment. As a journalist and editor, I felt every incident and relived every moment with that feeling of camaraderie that only working in this business can give you. This industry legend has taken his career to heights I can only dream of; he is able to describe perfectly why I have spent the last fifteen years dedicating my life to music. Lonn Friend has become my very own Lester Bangs.

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