Hatebreed: Supremacy

After nearly three years of relentless touring Hatebreed is back more determined and stronger than ever with Supremacy, which is comprised of 13 bone crushing anthems that will motivate anyone to fight for what they believe in.

“Defeatist” opens things off with a full assault and “Horrors of Self’ and ‘Mind Over All’ are positive and reflective songs that push us to confront the negative aspects of our lives. “Spitting Venom” is reminiscent of Hatebreed’s earlier work and “As Diehard as They Come” is dedicated to the bands loyal following. “Supremacy of Self” brings the album to a close tying all of the songs with the underlying of theme of unity and self-empowerment.

Every song is laced with the devastating riffs of Sean Martin and Frank 3 Gun, the solid bass of Chris Beattie, earth shattering drums of Matt Byrne, and Jamey Jasta, the voice of Hatebreed. Supremacy is an instant classic that every metal/hardcore fan should own.

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