Flesh: An Independent Film

Directed and written by Kian Kaul and branded a film of intimate horror, Flesh is an independent effort that is garnering interest in many areas since its release. The movie is set within the confines of a seedy hotel room while an angry and mysterious woman waits for her friend to carry out a suicide pact. The two are joined by innocent yet trashy Clara who begs them for immortality while dressed as a schoolgirl. Shane and Raquel have decided on suicide as a way to end their endless hunger and morbid addiction. The two girls lock themselves away in the ruined hotel room to die before Clara becomes the object of abuse and her drug induced idiocy gives way to terror as the vampire girls take her to the edge of mortality. The movie thoroughly explores the innate cruelty of human relationships.

The plot is interesting enough to hold the attention although the acting is at times over the top and the production is obviously low budget. The movie stars newcomers Bethany Davis, Chantal Hediger and Angela Berliner. It includes extra features and behind the scenes footage with wardrobe stylists The Clothing Whore and Fierce Couture. It also contains a video portrait of artist Gidget Gein (formerly of Marilyn Manson) and a promotional video of soundtrack artist Izazel. The movie is a treat with over thirty minutes of additional features, and priced at $13.13, you can get your own at www.fleshthefilm.com

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