Editors Choice: 36 Crazyfists – Rest Inside the Flames

From the first screeching howl of “I’ll Go Until My Heart Stops” this new effort by Alaska natives 36 Crazyfists stands out above all the albums I have heard this year. With a raw melodic edge and a furious delivery, this band, newly signed to the DRT label, are poised to make genre-breaking history. Undeniably heavy and boasting both outstanding musicianship and production, Rest Inside the Flames has been spinning in my CD player since the day I got it. The heart-wrenching yet brutal “Felt Through a Phone Line” is lyrically perfect and the beautiful tones in “The Great Descent” are remarkable, staying with you forever. Howard Jones of Killswitch Engage lays down vocals on angry anthem “Elysium” and the album closes with my favorite track, the poignant “City Ignites.” There is no filler to be found on Rest Inside The Flames; I loved every song offered here.

This music was meant to come screaming at you with sonic fury out of huge speakers while driving down a moonlit road in the middle of the night. Introspective and unimaginably heavy, the album drops on November 7th. Find out more at www.36crazyfists.com.

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