Black Stone Cherry: Black Stone Cherry

The South has been known to produce some of the best rock ever released, and Kentucky can be proud to claim Black Stone Cherry as their own. This modern Southern rock band has a place amongst the greats and knowing that not one of them is over 23 years old only leads to the belief that we haven’t even heard the best of them yet! The boys will be touring all summer to promote this triumphant self-titled debut. Black Stone Cherry is a well put together album that pours forth a rich offering of story telling and faith selling. BSC has developed a very unique style influenced by legends the likes of Skynyrd, The Black Crowes and AC/DC. However, all being born and bred in Small Town, USA, where the local rock music scene was nearly non-existent, they were able to find a sound all their own. An amazingly strong vocal talent is backed by solid musicians who understand what rock really is. Keeping up the Southern traditions seems to have been an easy task for these boys. This is an album that is rock and roll from start to finish.

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