Black Label Society – DVD The European Invasion: Doom Troopin’

“Pure Black Label Comedy,” a title that says it all about this 4+ hour DVD that highlights Black Label Society, live in Europe. Let’s just burn this one down from the get-go and get to what’s real about BLS on video. The footage for this production isn’t as typical as standard offerings in the past. The special features flow with red liquid staining every clip featuring Zakk Wylde. The Music Video section burns that extra rubber we expect from metal music DVD’s. And the music video for “In This River” paying tribute to long-time friend “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott is the true masterpiece of this 2-Disc set. And if that doesn’t kick your tail-pipe smokin’ ass, within every scene of Doom Troopin’ there is beer, beer and more beer. There’s beer before a show, beer on the bus, beer after a workout and beer after a beer. From maps of the tour to clips of the Doom Crew dismantling endorsed hardware, this is the best behind-the-scenes DVD I have ever delved into. Did I mention that there are enough “F” words to rival any Richard Pryor gig? The Zakk Wylde perspective of life is something to be witnessed and this prodigy has evolved into a major player among the history of guitar legends. His 22- year music career is filled with enough rock star experiences to enter him into the rockstar hall of fame. Call it the BLS Chapter of Rock N’ Roll if you will or call this DVD another chapter of booze-induced perfection.

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