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Aftermind: Aftermind

Aftermind offers up a three-song demo for my listening pleasure and I have to admit I was impressed from the first note to the last. With a heavy rock edge, and a healthy dose of metal and hardcore thrown in, it is more than listenable, it’s downright amazing. There is a melodic approach to the music, it tilts and swirls, sounding almost epic at times until it kicks in with a healthy scream or two, like in opening track “Pendulum.” Their second track, “When Skies Turn Red,” opens with a full metal assault and an engaging chorus that stays with you long after the first listen. Aftermind’s last track “One in 5” features remarkable vocals and the whole album has excellent production. I have had the pleasure of watching this band grow from a little known entity just out of high school to a force to be reckoned with in the local music community. They’ve opened national shows and rapidly gained fans with their thrashing live performances. I can’t wait for their full length release. You can find out more at www.myspace.com/aftermind.

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